Special Offer - $165

Normally valued at $285
Full checkup
2 intraoral X-rays
Cleaning and polishing
Fluoride treatment
Conditions apply. Please call for details.

In-clinic teeth whitening - $449

Normally valued at $550
Combine this with our Home Teeth Whitening Kit and get both for just $699 – valued at $900.
Conditions apply. Please call for details.

Home teeth whitening kit - $350

Normally valued at $550
Combine this with our In-clinic Teeth Whitening and get both for just $699 – valued at $900.
Conditions apply. Please call for details.

FREE Kids' checkups!

Under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme eligible kids between 2 and 17 years are entitled to free dental check-ups.
Conditions apply. Please call for details.

Committed to healthy teeth, a healthy smile and a healthy life for you and your family.

Gap-free dental

We provide a range of dental services with no out-of-pocket expenses! Some conditions apply.

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Our dental services

Our team is highly experienced in a broad range of dental treatments.

We care for kids' teeth too

Looking after your kids’ baby teeth is important. Good dental care at an early age can prevent problems with their adult teeth.

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    Acquire a Beautiful Smile by Life-Long Oral Health Care

    Has it ever occurred to you while looking at yourself in the mirror that, you miss a perfect smile? It’s Possible now! Get yourself examined with our “Smile Dental Team”! We’re operating a family-focused dental clinic in order to reshape and perfect your smile. Offers optimal outcomes via state-of-the-art equipment & approach. Treating all dental crises including gum diseases to ensure an outstanding oral hygiene and an optimal dental health. We’re committed for top quality fillings, crowns, dental implants, and veneers. We proudly offer best Teeth Whitening Penrith services for our potential customers! Dealing with tooth shape, alignment, & dental occlusion!

    Get it ALL!

    1. No More Dull Teeth!
    2. No More Inflammation!
    3. No More Gum-Diseases!
    4. No More Cracked Shells!
    5. High Quality Treatment!

    Tackling Tooth-Wrecking Culprits:

    Crowns & Bridges: Need quality caps for covering damaged tooth? Our Crowns Penrith services are top in conveying dental bridges, covering large gaps, applying dental implant, and inducing cosmetic modification.

    Cleaning: Looking for a precise polish, scaling, tartar removal, teeth-polish, or fluoride treatment? You’ll be glad to know that we involve first-grade ultrasonic devices, specialized instruments and brushes to serve your desires.

    Wisdom Teeth Surgery:  Scared of Oral surgeries? Leave all the worries to us! We deliver careful bone removal, lifting or folding of gum tissues, assuring zero damage & risks during Wisdom Teeth Penrith surgical operations.

    Digital X-Rays: Need an in-depth examination of your, teeth, gum, and oral tissues? We capture quality images of your jaws for better insight of your tooth problems.

    Fillings: Encountered with tooth cavities and can’t eat now? It’s never too late. We’ve got it all covered. The potent dentistry products and instruments removes cavities like it never happened.

    Braces: Missing tooth alignment? Annoyed of your bunny teeth? Thinking you’ve grown old for these problems? Visit our clinic to preserve a perfect smile through top-notch Braces Penrith services.

    Extraction: Want to get rid of damaged and disturbing tooth? We do it safely with minimal pain during extraction procedures.

    Gum-Treatment: Having a hard time dealing with swollen and bleeding gums? We can preserve your oral integrity and treat all gum related issues via non-surgical procedures.

    Dentures: Our quality assured Dentures Penrith operations conceals damaged and missing teeth and abnormal jaw complications to have a normal oral experience.

    Relieving-Pain: Has oral pain spoiled your day? Make your days great again with us! Our dentists can treat your inflammations, oral injuries and infections including gum-tissues removal!

    Root Canal Treatment: Need a root canal? Our high-end Root Canal Treatment Penrith aids best to remove disturbing nerves, infections, abscessing gums, puss-filled pockets, and bacteria.

    Pediatric Dentistry: Need a proper dental diagnosis for your child? We assess their oral problems, treats them and recommend optimal nutrition for their healthier teeth growth.

    Equipment: Conserving dental protocols, we use international standard equipment including intra-oral cameras, Oral X-ray machines, grinders and sterilized dental instruments for safest procedures.

    Chief Dental Therapy Benefits:

    1. Provides complete examination!
    2. Enhances jaw functionality!
    3. Offers Cosmetic Dentistry!
    4. Maintains oral aesthetics!
    5. Eliminates inflammation!
    6. Assess dental conditions!
    7. Remove tough plaque!
    8. Binds tooth bridges!
    9. Treats dull teeth!
    10. Terminate gaps!