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We offer the highest standard of dental care in Penrith

Dental health often takes a back seat amongst all the other skincare regimes, fitness routines, and life in the 21st century. It is often limited to brushing twice a day or a little floss here and there. If you are searching for a reliable dentist Penrith, we are more than happy to welcome you to our offices.

Whether it is a consultation, an emergency visit or you on the hunt for quality teeth whitening Penrith; we have it all. Our aim is to provide our customers with complete dental care all under one roof.

We take your dental health seriously and do our best to facilitate you with any sort of dental care that you may need. We are conveniently located in Westfield Penrith shopping Centre and have a complete family clinic to take care of patients belonging to every age group.

We have a team of dentists trained to work with children and older patients. Our instruments for the procedures are also up to date and suitable for different ages.

Moreover, if your dental plan covers basic dental care, our dentist Penrith will not charge you for any out of pocket expenses. You can get checkups, x rays, scaling done, polishing and floured treatments for the entire year. Our initial orthodontic consultations are also free. If your children are in need of braces or you are planning to get them off or get an alignment done; our dentists will provide you with the assessment you require free of charge.

We have state of the art technology to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Our intraoral camera is high resolution and the images it takes are detailed and high-quality close-ups. This piece of technology allows us the precision we need, especially for invasive surgeries. Our x-rays are digital to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation.

You can visit a dentist Penrith at our offices to see our standard of cleanliness and infection control measures for yourself. Our procedures are not limited to treatment but also a better-looking smile. You can book your appointment for brighter, cleaner and healthier teeth with us. We have an entire set of services that are aimed at curating the best smile for you. The fact of the matter is that even with a carefully dental routine your teeth can look pale and stained. We offer contemporary teeth whitening Penrith to counteract that.

Your smile will be glistening in no time without any long term sensitivity or side effects. We believe in quality and every product we use is safe and effective.

Our payments plans are reasonable and you can get on the spot health fund claims too. Our relevant dental procedures also come with a five-year guarantee to provide our customers with the reliability they are looking for. Come visit us today or get a consultation.