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Crowns and Bridges



Commonly known as caps, crowns preserve a damaged or cracked tooth to maintain functionality and aesthetic of a tooth with excessive decay or weakened by root canal therapy. Crowns come with different designs and materials they are made from. Crowns should be customised for each individual’s need.


A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of a gap (a missing tooth or teeth). They are anchoring teeth and are called abutment teeth with a false tooth or teeth in between. These are called pontics.

Missing teeth can adversely affect the functionality and appearance of your smile. Missing teeth can cause a change in your bite, shifting of the teeth, jaw joint disorder (TMJ), an increased risk for periodontal disease, speech impediments and a higher chance of tooth decay.Read more

Aesthetic Choice of Durable Affordable Crowns & Bridges!

Not feeling okay with your cracked, decayed, or weakened tooth? No worries.  Get gap-free dental care and pain-free Crowns in Penrith. Your smile is surely going to look more natural and beautiful. Our Smile Dental Team is geared up to fix it ALL – Specialized, skilled, responsible, reliable, equipped, and experienced crew – Adding an aesthetic beauty, filling the gaps, improving alignment, eliminating the ugly black line near the gum, enhancing the overall look & reaching an amazingly life-like outcome! Rebuilding the tooth, making them withstand heavy chewing forces, and correcting the overall alignment!

  • No risk of fracture
  • No further damage
  • No more loose bridges
  • No chipping or cracking off

Wonderful Varieties:

Is the tooth-appearance becoming your major consideration? You’ve got the option to get the Crowns Penrith of metal, ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal material!

Ceramic: Restoring your front crooked teeth. Possessing an amazing ability to blend with the natural colour! High-quality porcelain-based material! Giving additional support and strength!

Gold Alloys: The mix of copper, gold, and other quality metals. Strong metal doesn’t wear away. Offering a strong bond, and avoiding fracture. Ensuring effortless chewing of food make you feel comfortable. Once fixed the bridges stays on its place.

Porcelain: The porcelain gets fused to metals providing a reliable connection to the metal structure.

Base Metal Alloys: Top Quality crowns Penrith, built form non-noble metals, highly resistant against corrosion, and doesn’t require any tooth to be removed.


The top-quality crowns we offer are used for multiple purposes as follows:

  • Filling material!
  • Improving your smile!
  • Restoring the fracture!
  • Meeting individual’s needs!
  • Replacing defective fillings!
  • Repairing decayed surface!
  • Covering the dental implant!
  • Supporting the dental bridge!
  • Improving the cosmetic appearance!
  • Enhancing the tooth shape, strength and size!
  • Shaping the crown to fit the size of your teeth!
  • Giving a uniform shape to your tooth in a few visits!
  • Helping you maintain your bruising schedule!

Natural-Looking Restoration:

Crowns Penrith available – Looks attractive, stable, and strong, comes in a variety of designs & materials – The fixed prosthetic object cemented well onto the teeth – highly durable, gold, and ceramic or porcelain based material. Enhancing strength and endurance! Long lasting repair, quick restoration, not leaving any fragile surface! Fixing the surfaces that get broken through the root canal treatment! Ensuring a beautiful colour, shape, and apparent look!

What Else Do We offer?

Cavity fillings, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and undergoing all type of dental restoration, along with Crowns Penrith! Offering you complete treatment of wiggly or shifting, worn down teeth, inflamed gums, and ruptured tissues! Lowering the chances of further decay, sores, inflammation and blisters! Leaving no room for even a slight disposition of teeth! Further, get the following:

  1. Bridges!
  2. Veneers!
  3. Gum care!
  4. Tooth fillings!
  5. Preventive care!
  6. Emergency care!
  7. Teeth whitening!
  8. Cosmetic density!
  9. General dentistry!
  10. Family dentistry!
  11. Offering ceramic or porcelain crowns Penrith
  12. Emergency replacements of worn-down teeth!

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