Crowns and Bridges


They are commonly known as caps and are used for restorative purposes. Crowns preserve a damaged or cracked tooth to maintain its functionality or remove pain from excessively decayed or cracked teeth respectively. Crowns have special structures relative to the patients’ teeth design and are specially created for exclusive usage only.

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A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of a gap in a jaw. They are anchoring teeth and are called abutment teeth with a false tooth or set in between. The artificial teeth that replace the gaps are called pontics.

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Missing teeth is a bizarre experience in your oral cavity. It can seriously impart changes in your biting habits, dislocation of neighboring teeth, an increased risk for periodontal disease, and a higher chance of tooth decay. Certain conditions of missing tooth mat lead to speech impediments or jaw joint disorder (TMJ).

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Durable Crowns & Bridges! The Choice for Oral aesthetics,

Has your cracked, decayed, or weakened tooth made your life miserable? Don’t let it grow worse! Get gap-free teeth and pain-free gums via best services of Crowns Penrith. You’d feel confident when smiling and your smile will certainly become more appealing. Our Smile Dental Team is deliberately supportive, skilled, responsible, reliable, experienced and geared up to fix cracked, decayed and missing teeth– preserving your natural, beauty smile.

Wonderful Varieties:

Is tooth-appearance your foremost consideration? We have the best Crowns Penrith services; meeting variable demands of metallic, ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal material crowns and bridges.

Ceramic: Restoring your frontal crooked teeth with ceramic crowns that blend precisely with the natural tooth color! High-quality porcelain-based material provides additional support and strength!

Gold Alloys: Crowns of this category are created with a mix of copper, gold, and other posh metals. These specialized crowns ensure effortless chewing and optimal comfort. Moreover, they’re corrosion and infection free.

Porcelain: The porcelain coating gets fused to metal surfaces of the crrowns providing a reliable construction to the base metal structure with tooth like apparels on top.

Base Metal Alloys: Built out of non-noble metals, our up to the mark crowns Penrith services assures highly resistant crowns and bridges against corrosion and fracture.


This is how crowns and bridges will benefit you:

  • Maintains teeth structure
  • Preserves decaying teeth
  • Removes cracks in teeth
  • Covers scuffed teeth
  • Saves implantation

What Else Do We offer?

Our pride is the top quality Crowns Penrith services associated with Cavity fillings, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and cosmetic oral treatments as well as dental consultation. We also cover problems like wiggly or shifting teeth, worn down teeth, inflamed gums, and ruptured tissues! Lowering the chances of further decays and blisters! Be our support and let us take care of your oral jewels.

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