Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics (braces) primarily means diagnosis, prevention and correction of misaligned teeth and the jaws. At Smile Dental Team we offer a range of orthodontic services to complement our multiple approaches to cosmetic dentistry.

Full braces (conventional braces)

Get Progressive Individual Patient Orthodontic program via our best Braces Penrith services to obtain optimal results. At smile Dental Team our comprehensive orthodontic treatments include:

  • Computerized methods for planning and operative perspectives, where you can see the predicted procedure which we’ll perform.
  • With this modeling appliance, Brackets, wires, and bands are specifically crafted for each individual tooth acquiring precise fixtures.
  • A faster method comparing to other manually crafting systems. However, other influences of age, severity, anatomy and decaying conditions may affect treatment time.

Short term braces

Short term braces are planned for cosmetic outcomes, or more precisely handling minor dislocations are undermine through short term braces. They are limited to the front teeth (6-8) teeth per arch. Braces with ceramic brackets and white coated wires are also available to mask the traditional metallic look of this application. At Smile Dental Team we provide outstanding Cosmetic dentistry Penrith facilities for a celebrity class smile.

Short-Term Braces:

  • Limited to 6-8 teeth!
  • High quality brands!
  • Ceramic made brackets!
  • White coated wires!

Before and after images of our great results

Orthodontic Braces Before and After photo

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Orthodontic Braces Perfecting Your Smile

Having disoriented or overlapping teeth? With our profound services of Cosmetic dentistry Penrith, get back an aesthetic smile. Dentistry is an art to our Smile-Dental-Team. Our passion makes you oral pearls shine. Deliberate care, examination and treatments induce the best in business finishes for your orthodontic desires. 

Stay in the Safe Hands:

Qualified dentists are available for immediate quality care employing the best of dentistry techniques and modern tools.  We employ professional practices following dentistry protocols that’ll not only provide safe operations for our patients but also for building trust among our team and clientele. Quality braces Penrith services, subservient to you.

Let Your Pearls Glow:

Got disfigured teeth? No big deal. Join us, you’d come out smiling right after your first appointment. Leaving no gaps, no sores, no infections, and no toothaches! Glow around confidently with Braces Penrith services, the best way to preserve a natural classic arrangement of your teeth.

Custom-made Full Braces:

  • Quality wires, brackets and bands!
  • Meeting everyone’s requirements!
  • Describes treatment objective!
  • Computerized designing!
  • For adults and kids!

Why Pick Out Our Braces?

  • Straightens teeth without irritating the oral cavity!
  • Not much visible and looks good on your face!
  • Offers maximum functionality and efficiency!

Wonder What Else Do We Treat?

Fixing up the rotten tooth with a bridge, denture, or an implant!  Fix the mouth sores, plaque buildup, cavities, and more serious oral problems. Complete control of tartar, inflammation, and chipped surfaces.

Chief Features:

Quality – Looking for quality? We deliver outstanding quality dental services!

Tools – State of the art equipment! Assures complete care and efficiency!

On-time – Frustrated with delayed treatment? No more waiting in our clinic!

Dentists – Skilled highly-qualified with years of dental care experience!

Staff – Want exclusive treatments? Our staff treats everyone with utmost care!

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