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Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics (braces) primarily means diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and the jaws. At Smile Dental Team we offer a range of orthodontic services to complement our multiple approach to cosmetic dentistry.


Full braces (conventional braces)

We provide Progressive Individual Patients Orthodontic program so you can get maximum benefit from braces. At smile Dental Team our comprehensive orthodontic treatments include :

  • Computerized treatment planning and Visualized Treatment Objective , where you can see the predicted movement of your teeth
  • With the first customized appliance in the world that fits your individual tooth requirement. Brackets, wires, and bands are specifically tailored to each tooth. This means less visits, less wire changes and less discomfort along the way.
  • At least 6 months faster comparing to other system. However other factors like age, severity, anatomy and other dental issues can significantly affect treatment time.

Short term braces

With short term braces we only planning for a cosmetic outcome, we are not trying to change your bite or jaw function. Short term braces (or partial braces) are limited to the front teeth (6-8) teeth only per arch. Braces can be made with ceramic brackets and white coated wires to mask the metallic look of the appliance and make it less visible. At Smile Dental Team we use various systems including RAPID SMILES.

Before and after images of our great results

Orthodontic Braces Before and After photo

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Orthodontic Braces Perfecting Your Smile

Having chipped, distorted, mal-aligned, or crooked teeth? Start your journey with Cosmetic dentistry Penrith to get your aesthetic natural beautiful smile back. Wonder how? Join us to know the secrets. Dentistry is an art to our Smile-Dental-Team. Our passion makes you smile and shine. Careful care, examination and treatment in a warm tranquil surrounding!

Stay in the Safe Hands:

Medal-winning dentists are available for immediate quality care employing all facets of dentistry, modern techniques, tools, brands and principals. The waiting area and the internal furnishing are just superb, cozier than your home. Come now to feel it yourself! Deeply cleaned and sanitized environment and the equipment. Relaxed regular check-ups, quality braces Penrith, pleasant view, and ample parking of 3hrs.

Have a Smile Like Sun:

Got the disfigured teeth? No big deal. Join us, you’d come out smiling right after your first visit. Leaving no gaps, no sores, no infections, and no toothaches!

Feeling pain? No worries. Our dental emergencies put you at ease. Offering a quick dental solution, emergency care, fast check-up, and genuine treatment.

Wonder What Else Do We Treat?

Fixing up the rotten tooth with a bridge, denture, or an implant! Cosmetic dentistry Penrith fixes the mouth sores, plaque buildup, cavities, and more serious symptoms or oral problems. Complete control of tartar, inflammation, and chipped surfaces.

Bleeding Gums – Do you bleed while brushing or flossing? That’s alarming. A sign of weakening gums!

Pus Developments – Have you started noticing pus around your gums? See one of our qualified dentists today!

Sensitivity – Do you feel sensitivity to cold, hot or sweet? We treat you in a way which lessens the chances of any further damage and replacements!

Swollen Gums – Got the red spots? We treat them carefully!

Bad Breath – Having a bad breath despite regular cleaning? We freshen up your breath!

Loose teeth – Do you have loose teeth? Don’t ever take it lightly. Get Braces Penrith right away!

Stains & Holes – Got stained and pitted teeth? No worries. Get it treated now!

Pain while biting – Do you find it hard to chew the food? Come to us and get instant relief!

Custom-made Full Braces:

  • Meeting an individual’s requirements!
  • Computerized treatment!
  • Visualized treatment objective!
  • Nearly 6 months faster than others!
  • Quality wires brackets and bands!
  • For adults and kids!

Short-Term Braces:

  • Limited to 6-8 teeth!
  • High quality brands!
  • Ceramic made brackets!
  • White coated wires!

Why Pick Out Our Braces?

  • Straightening the teeth without irritating the tissues in the oral cavity!
  • Not much visible and looks good on your face!
  • Braces Penrith offers maximum functionality and efficiency!

Chief Features:

Quality – Looking for quality? Come to us!

Tools – State of the art equipment to offer!

Technology – Want to get treated with Modern tools? We ensure to full fill your needs!

On-time – Frustrated with delayed treatment? No more!

Dentists – Skilled highly-qualified specialist with years of experience!

Staff – Want to undergo convenient treatment? Our staff makes it happen!


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