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Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dental procedures, such as braces, dental veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening and dental implants.

It’s an emotional and financial investment you make in yourself to enhance the health, function and appearance of your smile. You want that investment to bring happy and satisfying returns for years to come. It starts with a consultation and examination to discuss your needs and all your options.

Is smile makeover a life-long procedure?

Cosmetic dental procedures require regular oral hygiene care and maintenance over time. For example, porcelain veneers may chip or break off and need replacement. Teeth bleaching must be repeated occasionally to maintain brightness. Composite Bonding may stain over time and require enhancement and/or replacement. Crowns may need replacement after 10-15 years. Dentist, materials and the dental lab also play a role in the final results.

At Smile Dental Team we use Australian dental labs with top brands TGA approved dental materials. We do not outsource our dental jobs to overseas labs.

Before and after images of our smile makeovers


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Smile Dental Team Playing a Key Role

Do your teeth wince while drinking cold or hot? Beware! Your teeth are telling you something. You’re facing teeth-sensitivity. Getting hands-on treatment from our professionals can be your best bet! “Smile Dental Team” is here to offer you the bonding, reshaping, grafting, scaling, fillings & teeth whitening in Penrith.

Take Your Smile Back:

Are you frustrated with the build-up of sticky-bacteria and plaque below your gum-line? No worries! Get specialised dental care, and over-the-counter pain relieving treatment. Get bridges, braces, gum reshaping, complete-makeover, gum-reshaping, crowns, implants and more. We apply the tooth-coloured resin & preceding the cosmetic dental procedures! Gaps-losing, size-reducing, cracks-recovering & more to offer!

Freshen-Up Your Smile:

Are you tired of dealing with inflammatory-gums, dry-mouth, cold-sores, or decayed-tooth? We know how to deal with it. Instant treatment is available. A careful consideration of gums-shrinking & teeth whitening Penrith – Safe scraping off tartar – Professional gum reattaching – Nontoxic gum graft surgery – Quick adjustment of tooth structure – Long-lasting dental implants!

The Smile You Always Wanted:

Disturbed with bad-breath, inflamed-gums, & chewing-problems? Get an appointment NOW. All inflamed surfaces treated. All pus-filled tissues eradicated.

  • Eradicate swelling, & bleeding!
  • Treat the gingivitis and periodontitis!
  • Remove hidden plaque!
  • Leave no room for the blisters to grow!
  • Relieve the toothache!
  • Offer therapeutic treatment!

Save Your Tooth & Time:

Are you undergoing difficulty to swallow food? No big deal! Get immediate care, thorough examination, professional help available to remove decayed debris, erosion, chewing-issues!  Removal of bacterial growth, toxins, gums-irritation, foul-smell, or enamel erosion! Scraping off the tartar both above and below the gum line! Blocking threatening enzymes restricting them to break down your gum-tissues! Stitching-back your gum right in its place! Cleaning, polishing, teeth whitening Penrith, and more as follows:

  • In-clinic check-ups!
  • Same-day appointment!
  • Whitening kit!
  • Risk-Free Surgery!
  • Expert medical care!
  • Warm welcoming settings!
  • 5 years guarantee!
  • Over 17 years of experience!
  • 2 Intra-oral x-rays!
  • Fluoride treatment!
  • Oral-hygiene tips!
  • Affordable dental-fee!

Pleasing-Smile, Healthy-Tissues:

Having the red irritated swollen gums? Your gums are calling for your attention. Get it treated NOW before it gets worse. It may be the dangerous sign of gingivitis – Feeding the Millions of bacteria on plaque going hands-on-hands with gums shrinkage! Consult our crew of Gum-care & Teeth Whitening Penrith, as early detection and professional examination can save you.  Undergo deep cleaning, control your infection & get healthy, germs-free gums. No plaque formation, no discolourisation, no gum receding, & no inflammation.

Who’s the Right Dentist for You? Find Here!

Specialists: Professional, detail-oriented, qualified, certified, time-management skills, & reliable!

Full-Care: Offer veneers, gum-treatment, root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges, preventative-education and overall mouth care!

Our Freebies:

  • Free checkers for kids aged 2-17!
  • Free first consultation!
  • Free 3 hours of parking!
  • Free estimate!

Arrange a Meeting:

Cell: 02 4721 1211

Clinic: Shop 126 – Level 1 – Westfield Penrith – 585 High Street – Penrith NSW 2740

Book:  Surgery, general dentistry, root canal treatment, Teeth Whitening Penrith & More!

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