Teeth Whitening

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening works through the application of a bleaching gel that penetrates the tooth enamel. This bleaching gel contains an active agent, and this is typically a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Once applied, the bleaching gel removes any stains or debris on the surface of your teeth, resulting in whiter and brighter teeth.

In-chair whitening

At Smile Dental Team, we use both top brand whitening products. The in-chair whitening procedure takes approximately 1 hour. It is very important that our dentist completes a full check-up of your teeth to ensure that your teeth are suitable for bleaching. Once your dentist approves the treatment, you may go ahead with the whitening procedure. First, the dentist will apply a rubber shield and a gel barrier to protect your gums from the effects of bleaching. Then, the bleaching gel will be applied to your teeth and a blue LED light is used to activate the whitening product.

Take home whitening kits

At Smile Dental Team, we also offer customised take home whitening kits. Our take home whitening kits include a custom-made tray for you to place your whitening gel in. The whitening gel is a less concentrated hydrogen peroxide and can be worn during the day or overnight.

How long will teeth whitening results last?

Teeth whitening results are permanent. However, many factors can contribute to the appearance of your teeth. Factors such as diet, medication, alcohol and smoking can affect the shades of your teeth overtime. However, attending your regular check-up and clean appointments and having good oral hygiene will help with keeping your teeth white for as long as possible.

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