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Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth can cause all kinds of problems. Infection, pain, decay to the adjacent teeth and bite interference. Removing wisdom teeth can be a simple extraction or a surgical procedure with slightly higher risk.

Simple Extractions

These are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth. General dentists commonly do simple extractions, and most are usually done under a local anaesthetic, with or without anti-anxiety medications or sedation.

Surgical Extractions

These involve teeth that cannot easily be seen or reached in the mouth, either because they have broken off at the gum line or they have not fully erupted. This requires some type of surgical procedure, such as bone removal, removing and/or lifting and folding back all or part of the gum tissue to expose the tooth, or cutting the tooth into pieces (called tooth sectioning) then sutures can be placed to close the wound. Surgical extractions can be done with local anaesthetic or referred to hospital for general anaesthesia.

Risk and complications

Like any surgery, complications may occur, but for the most part they are relatively benign. Post-operative swelling, infection and pain are possible complications for any surgical procedure. Specifically for wisdom tooth surgery “Dry socket ” can happen which characterised by pain after few days from the surgery site due to the dislodgement of the blood clot much needed for proper wound healing. Nerve damage, although rare, can happen which may result in temporary or permanent loss of sensation and numbness of tongue, lip or gum. Your dentist will investigate and examine the case carefully to reduce these risks.Read more

Skilled Oral Surgeon Setting Your Wisdom Teeth Straight!

Facing the wisdom teeth emergency? Join our Dental Smile Team – Paying attention to your overall facial profile, muscular structure, lips, and bone tissues – Offering you dental extractions, Wisdom teeth Penrith, common surgery, complicated operation, dental implant, & painless treatment! Safe surgical procedures, i.e., removing bone, lifting or folding the gum tissues, tooth sectioning, surgical extraction, and general anesthesia!

  • No discomfort, no bleeding, no pain, no risk, no delay, no cold sensitivity, no fluid-filled cysts, no fractured-jaw, no disposition & no sinus damage!
  • Work of a trained hand, 100% guaranteed timely advice, multi-award-winning, quality x-ray, on-time check-ups, and multidisciplinary unparalleled dental care!

Causes of Surgical Removal:

  • Restricted growth!
  • Painful growth!
  • Decayed surface!
  • Infection development!
  • Stuck baby teeth!
  • Acute infection!

What Do Our Surgeon Do For You?

  • Makes the incision!
  • Restores the shape!
  • Prevents bacterial growth!
  • Controls excessive bleeding!
  • Protects Wisdom teeth Penrith!
  • Offers the post-treatment guidelines!
  • Suggests best diet recommendations!
  • Treats uncontrolled bleeding in the gums!
  • Eradicates the bone diseases or tumours!
  • Cleans the debris gathered on the surface!
  • Cuts off the bone which block root access!
  • Removes the gap and infected gum tissues!
  • Stitches the wounded area to promote healing!
  • Corrects the angle of the partially emerged moral!
  • Splits the tooth into parts to extract it in short pieces!

What Do We Cure?

Are you facing tooth discomfort? Don’t be anxious. Gum disease, dry mouth, inflammation, cavities, Wisdom teeth Penrith, cancer and infection, nothing is left untreated. If your tooth is impacted, our skilled dentist will cut away the excessive bone tissues, and gum cells. No more plaque formation, acidity, pain, puss, pits, pressure, tooth decay, damage and overcrowding in the mouth. The use of cutting edge technology, and standard products offering you the following:  

  • Treating abscess!
  • Ensuring strength!
  • Durable outcome!
  • Marginal integrity!
  • Quick restoration!
  • Structural durability!
  • Permanent cementation!
  • Bacterial Infection control!
  • Removes hard-to-pull morals!
  • Restricting the pus collection!
  • Restricting the formation of cysts!
  • Strengthening the gums surroundings!
  • Keeping the bacterial growth in check!
  • Breaking down the plaque from the surface!
  • Offering cost-free quote, check-up, and consultation!

When to Call a Dentist?

Quality Wisdom teeth Penrith treatment by professional yet amiable nurses, receptionists, or staff available on board! World-class equipment, soothing surroundings, aesthetically pleasing outcomes, quality examinations, deep analysis, diet recommendations, and more to offer! Call our oral surgeons if you face the following symptoms:

  • Fever!
  • Swelling!
  • Infection!
  • Severe pain!
  • A bad taste!
  • Inflammation!
  • Nerve damage!
  • Pus in the socket!
  • Difficulty breathing!
  • Persistent numbness!
  • Jaw stiffness & soreness!
  • Blood in the nasal discharge!

Multiple Services:

  1. Orthodontic braces!
  2. Pediatric dentistry!
  3. Root canal therapy!
  4. Quick denture repair!
  5. Whitening & cleaning
  6. Dentures and bridges!
  7. The surgical treatment!
  8. Whitening and straightening!
  9.  Removing red and swollen tissues!
  10. Maintaining functionality & efficiency!
  11. Cleaning the spaces between-the-morals!
  12. Dealing with chips or cracks in the tooth!
  13. Eradicating the decay of Wisdom teeth Penrith!
  14. Preventing the formation of cavities, holes and cracks!

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